“He who knows himself, knows his Lord” ­Prophet Muhammad 

This is a story about the “other” muslims. In a small spanish town in the inspiring Alpujarra mountains, in Andalusia, 35 families of westerners live a simple life as newly converted muslims, following the traces of Sufism, considered by many as the mystic and most spiritual branch of Islam. 

Director: Maria Badia/ Genre: Documentary/ Country: Spain/ Length: 25 min/ Year: 2015/ Language: Spanish/ English


Sufism is the heart of Islam. Its mystic dimension. In its arabic root “suf” means wool.

The Sufis are related to early Islam asceticism. In the enchanting Alpujarra mountains of Andalusia in Spain, surrounded by olives and lemon trees, a community of 35 families of newly converted muslims from western origin (mainly european) live a simple life close by a Dargah or house of prayer for the Sufis. While not living in community, they meet frequently to practice watchfulness, remembrance, awareness while breathing, and the perfection of worship as a way to purify themselves. They pray, chant, dance and whirl on their quest for divine love.

On Thursdays at nightfall, the community meets in the temple hidden away in the outskirts of the town of Órgiva to celebrate the dhikr (the recitation of the names of Allah),  along with the hadra (a meditative process that consists of intoning a series of chants in praise of God), accompanied by rhythmic swaying and percussion. On Friday, the holy day of Islam, they celebrate the Jummah (prayers) and sit to eat together. You can’t be a Sufi without being a muslim. However, nearly all of the principles of Sufism are universal in nature and are shared by almost every faith tradition. Each of the characters of this documentary is a unique voice from a convert who transcends their acquired believes in their cultural tradition to embrace another religion during their search for a spiritual dimension and as a path to self- knowledge.


Sheikh Umar Margarit, spanish. 28 years in Islam. Qasim Barrio, spanish. 12 years in Islam. Sarah Hasse, german. 4 years in Islam. Abdul Hadi Scott, american. 38 years in Islam.  Salama Scott, spanish. 38 years in Islam.